NovorŪ 950 is a urethane vulcanizing agent based on MDI which imparts an exceptionally high level of reversion resistance when used in All-Novor systems. The crosslinking system is not detectable by chemical analysis. Vulcanizates possess good heat ageing resistance and flex resistance increases three-fold on ageing.

NovorŪ 950 may also be used in conjunction with sulphur systems to give modulus synergism and a faster rate of cure. Some of these mixed systems produce vulcanizates with properties virtually unaffected by the temperature of cure, thereby enabling manufacturers to increase productivity by raising cure temperature without modification to the cure system. Flex resistance increases by a factor of 3 on ageing.

Advantages of NovorŪ 950

Excellent ageing and reversion resistance: large articles cure uniformly
Excellent aged fatigue performance: fatigue resistance improves hardness and modulus are unchanged
Increased productivity in mixed systems
Invisible curing agent: can not be detected by chemical analysis

NovorŪ 950 applications include niche products which can not be copied or reverse engineered by competitors as the crosslinking system can not be detected by chemical analysis.

heat resistant automotive mounts, bushes and couplings
heating pads
curing bags
valve linings
rubber covered rollers (easily reground)
high resistance to hostile environments

high temperature vulcanization, LCM curing, injection moulding
excellent reversion resistance
properties almost independent of cure temperature
increased productivity more than offsets higher cost

NovorŪ 950 is marketed by ELGEM TECHNOLOGY.

For additional information, or trial quantities of NovorŪ 950, please contact: Graham Spiller

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